Compostable Bag Manufacturers and Suppliers in USA

Compostable Manufacturers in the USA

In the landscape of sustainable practices and environmental consciousness, America's association with compostable bag manufacturers has become emblematic of the nation's commitment to reducing plastic waste and fostering eco-friendly alternatives. As the global call for responsible consumption grows louder, American consumers, businesses, and municipalities are increasingly turning to compostable bags as a pivotal solution to mitigate the environmental impact of single-use plastics.

This article will introduce you to the top 10 best US compostable bag manufacturers and suppliers in 2024. Please read this article patiently!

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  1. 5 Compostable Bag Manufacturers in the USA
  2. 1. Creative Retail Packaging
  3. 2. Packform USA LLC
  4. 3. Alte-Rego Corp
  5. 4. Reynolds Packaging
  6. 5. Clear View Bag Co., Inc.
  7. FAQs
  8. Conclusion


5 Compostable Bag Manufacturers in the USA

After thorough research, we have created a brief overview of reliable and competitive compostable bag manufacturers. We consider factors such as experience, time in the industry, employee capabilities, production capabilities, achievements, product quality, and more.

  Company Headquarter Established
  1. Creative Retail Packaging Texas, USA 1979
  2. Packform USA LLC California, USA 2018
  3. Alte-Rego Corp Ontario, United States 1988
  4. Reynolds Packaging Wisconsin, USA 2000
  5. Clear View Bag Co., Inc. New York, USA 1961


1. Creative Retail Packaging



Established: 1979

Headquarters: Texas, USA

Company Profile

Creative Retail Packaging was founded in 1979 and is headquartered in Texas, USA. The company is a manufacturer and supplier of compostable packaging. Their products include boxes, bags, mailers and ribbons. Offering rigid, gift, magnetic folding, folding, lunch, catering, bakery, apparel and gift certificate boxes. Ideal for retail, restaurant, e-commerce and packaging applications.


2. Packform USA LLC



Established: 2018

Headquarters: California, USA

Company Profile

Packform USA LLC was established in 2018. is a compostable packaging manufacturer and supplier from California, USA. They provide standard and custom packaging supplies to the electronics, automotive, marine, construction, medical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, semiconductor and food processing industries.
They do this by connecting suppliers with customers' specific needs. They provide you with instant quotes and automatic proof of delivery.


3. Alte-Rego Corp



Established: 1988

Headquarters: Ontario, United States

Company Profile

Alte-Rego Corp was founded in 1988. is a compostable manufacturer and supplier from the United States. Their products include compostable bags, food grade bags, storage bags, garbage bags, hazardous waste bags, newspaper bags, reclosable bags, zipper bags, shopping bags, and utility bags. Polyethylene mailing bags, plastic sheets and car covers are also available.


4. Reynolds Packaging



Established: 2000

Headquarters: Wisconsin, USA

Company Profile

Reynolds Packaging was founded in 2000. is a compostable packaging manufacturer and supplier from Wisconsin, USA. Their products include bags, pouches, folding cartons, mailers, cigar tubes and glue. Available in pillow bags, cello bags, herb bags, ice bags, compostable bags, tear-off bags, safety bags and polypropylene bags. As one of the top compostable bag manufacturers in the United States, they can also provide printing services for their packaging products.


5. Clear View Bag Co., Inc.



Established: 1961

Headquarters: New York, USA

Company Profile

Clear View Bag Co., Inc. is a U.S.-based manufacturer and supplier of compostable bags. From the day the company was founded, Clear View Bag Co., Inc. has only produced certified compostable products and bags.

As a professional compostable bag manufacturer and exporter, their dedicated team of experts are here to support you on your journey and help ensure your success. They can assist with planning and development, signage and marketing, custom products, and more!



1. How are compostable bags manufactured in the United States?

The manufacturing process involves using biodegradable materials, often derived from renewable resources like plant starches or PLA (polylactic acid). Manufacturers employ eco-friendly practices to create bags that meet compostability standards.

2. Do compostable bag manufacturers in the U.S. adhere to specific standards?

Yes, reputable manufacturers adhere to industry standards such as ASTM D6400 or EN 13432. These standards ensure that compostable bags meet specific criteria for biodegradability and compostability.

3. Are there regulations governing the use of compostable bags in the United States?

Regulations may vary by state or locality. It's important to be aware of local composting and waste disposal guidelines to ensure proper use and disposal of compostable bags.

4. Where can consumers find compostable bags in the United States, and are they widely available?

Compostable bags are increasingly available in grocery stores, eco-friendly retailers, and online platforms. As consumer awareness grows, their availability is expanding, making it easier for individuals and businesses to make sustainable choices.



Choosing the right compostable bag manufacturer is crucial to ensuring a safe, comfortable, and efficient experience. By exploring the top compostable bag companies in the US, you can find a compostable bag manufacturer that matches your priorities and requirements.

If you have the idea of ​​purchasing compostable bags, then you can contact us or visit our website.

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