Do You Know the Difference Between Compostable Paper Bags and Ordinary Paper Bags?

Both compostable paper bags and ordinary paper bags are paper-based products, but they have distinct differences.

Compostable paper bags are formulated to degrade rapidly and entirely in a composting setting without leaving any dangerous residue. They are crafted from renewable plant-based materials like cornstarch and are designed to be biodegradable and compostable, meaning they will break down into organic substances that can nourish plants. Compostable paper bags may also feature waterproofing or water-resistant properties through the use of natural wax coatings or biodegradable polymers.

In contrast, ordinary paper bags are not necessarily created to be compostable. They are typically produced from wood pulp and can be recycled, but they may not always be biodegradable. Moreover, ordinary paper bags can be treated with chemicals or dyes that may harm the environment as they break down.

Overall, compostable paper bags are specifically engineered to break down quickly and fully in a composting environment, while ordinary paper bags may not have that capability and could potentially contain harmful substances. Considering the entire lifecycle of a product, from production to disposal, is critical in making environmentally conscious decisions.


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  1. Strong materials and unique construction mean up to a week of use without collapsing or leaking.
  2. The reinforced bag bottom allows for a higher weight than other compostable bags on the market.
  3. The liner of each compost bag is securely fastened to prevent shedding or wrinkling.
  4. Maximum odor control comes from the unique material and fold-over top edge design.

The video below is the bearing capacity test of our compostable paper bags.

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