The Best Compostable Garbage Bags of 2024 [7 Best Choices]

The best compostable trash bags

When considering eco-friendly waste management solutions, compostable trash bags emerge as a sustainable alternative to traditional plastic bags. The quest for reducing environmental impact has fueled the demand for compostable options that not only contain waste but also decompose naturally, leaving behind minimal ecological footprint. In today’s environmentally conscious world, the choice to buy compostable trash bags represents a commitment to preserving our planet for future generations.

With a myriad of options available, navigating the landscape of compostable trash bags requires understanding their characteristics, advantages, and suitability for various waste disposal needs. Whether it’s for home, office, or commercial use, making an informed decision when purchasing compostable trash bags is essential to contribute positively to our environment.

Best Small Composting Garbage Bags with Handles

Introducing SUPERBIO compostable bags, designed for eco-conscious waste management with a capacity of 2.6 gallons (9.84 L) and dimensions of 16.3 inches x 22.0 inches x 0.67 mil. Each roll contains 100 bags equipped with convenient handle ties.

Awarded official compostable certificates from BPI and OK compost Home and Seedling from TUV, these bags meet both the US ASTM D6400 standard and the EU EN 13432 standard.

Within 180 days in a standard compost pile, SUPERBIO compostable bags degrade to humus, CO2, and water. Store in a cool, dry place, away from heat, with a shelf life of approximately 18 months. Dispose of within 3 days when holding organic waste, particularly with strong acidic or alkaline content.

Suitable for various indoor and outdoor household trash disposal needs, SUPERBIO bags are not only compostable but also engineered to remain sturdy and tear-proof when used as directed. With patented processing technologies, handle ties, and a star-sealed reinforced bottom, they securely contain even the heaviest loads.

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Lowest Price Compostable Trash Bags

Lowest Price Compostable Trash Bags

MyEcoWorld® Compost Bags – 3 Gallon – 25 Small Bags

Introducing our 3 Gallon Compostable Bags, certified compostable and approved for curbside collection, suitable for home, industrial, and municipal composting programs.

MyEcoWorld Food Waste Bags fully break down with food scraps into organic elements, leaving no harmful microplastics behind.

What sets their bags apart? Their journey from corn to compost. Harvested from GMO-free corn, the corn starch is extracted to create their super-strong, BPI-certified compostable products. Offering the perfect combination of strength and stretch, these bags are a sustainable alternative to conventional single-use plastic.

They fit snugly into most kitchen counter composting pails/bins, promoting a zero-waste circular economy and keeping your buckets free of debris. These multipurpose bags are not only ideal for composting food scraps but can also be used as regular trash bags, reducing conventional plastics in landfills while still serving their purpose effectively.

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Best Home Compostable Trash Bags

UNNI Compostable Liner Bags, 2.6 Gallon

Introducing compostable bags with a 2.6 Gallon / 9.84 Liter capacity, sized at 16.3 inches x 16.5 inches x 0.71 Mils, and packaged with 100 bags per roll.

Certified as compostable in both the U.S. and Europe, these bags bear the esteemed certifications from the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) under the US standard ASTM D6400, as well as the OK Compost Home certification under European standard EN 13432 by Vinçotte and Tüv Austria.

The OK Compost Home certification ensures 100% biodegradability in home composting facilities, alongside additional approval from the Compost Manufacturing Alliance (CMA), verifying compliance with real-world composting standards through disintegration tests. Featuring the highest biobased content, these compostable bags are crafted from plant starches and contain no polyethylene, offering durability, non-toxicity, ease of use, and environmental friendliness. For optimal usage and storage, it is recommended to avoid excessive heat and store the bags in a cool, dry place, using them within one year of purchase.

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Best Overall Cocoa Compostable Trash Bags

UNNI Compostable Liner Bags, 2.6 Gallon

Introducing SUPERBIO compostable lawn & leaf bags, boasting a generous 33-gallon (124.9L) capacity with dimensions of 33 inches x 40 inches x 1 mil, and packaged with 20 bags per roll, totaling 2 rolls with a flat top design. These bags are certified compostable and will degrade into humus, CO2, and water within 180 days when placed in a standard compost pile.

Awarded official compostable certificates from BPI and OK compost and Seedling from TUV, they meet both the US ASTM D6400 standard and the EU EN 13432 standard. For optimal storage and usage, it is advised to keep the product away from heat and store it in a cool, dry place, as SUPERBIO compostable bags have a shelf life of approximately 18 months.

Dispose of the product within 3 days when the bag is holding organic waste, particularly with a strong acidic or alkaline content. Versatile for a variety of indoor and outdoor household trash disposal needs, these bags feature patented processing technologies, a handle tie, and a star-sealed reinforced bottom to securely hold even the heaviest loads, ensuring they remain strong, sturdy, and tear-proof when used in accordance with recommended usage directions.

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Best Medium Size Kitchen Compostable Garbage Bags

Best Medium Size Kitchen Compostable Garbage Bags

Compostable Garbage Bags – Medium Wastebasket Bags for Kitchens

Introducing the perfect sized trash bags, measuring 24.8 inches in length and 31.4 inches in width, specifically designed to fit round garbage bins with a diameter of ≤ 15.7 inches and a height of ≤ 27.4 inches, as well as rectangular wastebaskets with a longest side of ≤ 12.4 inches and a height of ≤ 27.4 inches, making them suitable for most small bins in the U.S.

These garbage bags are exceptionally strong and durable, each sealed with an octagonal bottom to withstand at least 83 pounds (38 kilograms) of weight, ensuring good strength, tear resistance, and leak prevention even when loaded with wet garbage.

Made from certified materials that comply with the standard ASTM D6400 and the European standard EN 13432, these medium trash bags can be composted in backyard or home composting facilities without harming the environment. With their clear green color, these multipurpose trash bags facilitate easy identification of garbage content, aiding in better waste sorting.

Compostable Trash Bags – FORID 13 Gallon Tall Kitchen Garbage Bags 80 Count Unscented Trash Can Liners 55 Liter Medium Wastebasket Bags for Bathroom Home Bedroom Office Garbage Can (5Rolls/Green)

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The Best Large Compostable Trash Bags

55 Gallon Large Compostable Lawn and Yard Trash Bag

Introducing compostable bags in a size of 55 gallons (208.2 liters) with a thickness of 1.57 mil, measuring 42 inches by 48 inches and conveniently packaged in rolls of 12 bags with a flat top.

These bags are made from a blend of PLA (polylactic acid) and PBAT (polybutylene adipate terephthalate), enhancing their compostability. They are 100% compostable, breaking down into humus, CO2, and water within 180 days in a standard compost pile.

Certified and verified by BPI, OK COMPOST, and Seedling Certified from TUV, these bags ensure reliable compostability. Meeting international standards, they comply with the US ASTM D6400 standard and the EU EN 13432 standard for compostability, providing an eco-friendly solution for waste management needs.

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Best Compostable Yard Waste Bags

Compostable 36 Gallon Yard Waste Bag

Introducing compostable garbage bags made from corn starch, designed to break down in compost bins, local waste collections, worm farms, and soils, feeding micro-organisms in the process, which benefits the Earth and its surroundings.

By replacing harmful plastic kitchen trash bags with these compostable alternatives, individuals can reduce environmental waste and contribute to a brighter future. Updated for extra toughness at 1.28 mils thickness, these bags are crafted with a unique high-density blend to prevent tears and ensure exceptional durability, effectively containing even the heaviest loads without leaking or undesirable odors.

With a large capacity of 36 gallons, measuring 53.1 inches in length, 35.4 inches in width, and 22.6 inches in diameter, these compactor-friendly bags meet daily needs while featuring a large opening for easy disposal of grass clippings and other waste without spills. Enjoy tear-resistant, leak-proof seals that keep compost bins clean even after trash day.

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