Top 10 Compostable Bag Manufacturers in the World

Compostable bags are an ideal alternative to traditional plastic bags. More and more people are choosing to buy compostable bags, which is a huge market. Therefore, you need to buy compostable bags for resale, then you may need a professional compostable bag manufacturer or supplier to provide you with the product.

This article will take you through the introduction of the top 10 compostable bag brands and manufacturers in 2024. You can choose the manufacturer or supplier that meets your requirements and contact them for assistance.

From this article you will learn:

  1. What Are Compostable Bags?
  2. Why Are Compostable Bags Important
  3. Compostable Bag Market Analysis and Outlook in 2024
  4. List of 10 Leading Compostable Bag Manufacturers
  5. Important Tips for Choosing the Right Compostable Bag Manufacturer
  6. Conclusion


What Are Compostable Bags?

Compostable bags take biodegradability to the next level. Like biodegradable bags, compostable bags will completely break down into their natural elements but require a stricter time frame. For a product to be certified compostable, bags must meet certain standards, so it's important to look for bags with certifications to back up their claims.

Compostable bags should be composted in a home composter, compost bin, or an industrial composting facility that can handle the bags.


Why Are Compostable Bags Important

Compostable bags are important because they help to reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills. Unlike traditional plastics, these can be broken down by bacteria and other microorganisms. This process, known as composting, results in the production of beneficial compost that can be used to improve soil quality.

In addition to reducing the amount of waste in landfills, these also help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The process of decomposing organic matter in the anaerobic conditions of a landfill releases methane, a powerful greenhouse gas. However, when compost is properly managed, it can serve as a carbon sink, helping offset some of the methane emissions from other sources. As a result, compostable bags play an important role in mitigating climate change.


Compostable Bag Market Analysis and Outlook in 2024

The compostable and biodegradable trash bags market is expected to be worth US$318.1 million in 2023, growing to US$653.0 million by 2033. The sales of compostable and biodegradable garbage bags are expected to register a CAGR of 7.5% during the forecast period.

What can we learn from this information?

  • In the next three years, the market size of compostable bags will be larger and the demand will be greater
  • Compostable bag types will become more diverse
  • Now, we need to choose a suitable manufacturer to seize the market


List of 10 Leading Compostable Bag Manufacturers

After thorough research, we have created a brief overview of reliable and competitive compostable bag manufacturers. We consider factors such as experience, time in the industry, employee capabilities, production capabilities, achievements, product quality, and more.

  Company Headquarter Product
  1. Ecosafe Zero Waste Inc Canada Compostable bags and liners
  2. Hytrend Canada Various compostable produce bags
  3. Ams Global Suppliers Group USA Compostable related products
  4. Rovi Packaging, SA Spain Compostable packaging
  5. Natur-Tec® USA Compostable related products
  6. Packin Club India Various compostable produce bags
  7. Easy-Flux India Various compostable produce bags
  8. Grefusion China Compostable bags
  9. Leadpacks Packing Co., Ltd. China Compostable related products
  10. BioBag International AS Norway Compostable related products


1. Ecosafe Zero Waste Inc



Popular Products: Compostable bags

Company Profile

Founded in 2012 and headquartered in Canada, Ecosafe Zero Waste Inc is a manufacturer and supplier of premium compostable packaging and bag products. The company’s extensive product range includes compostable bags, compostable liners, grocery bags, puppy bags, and more. As a great compostable products company, they offer over 20 sizes, shapes, and styles of compostable liners and compostable bags. Please contact them if necessary!


2. Hytrend 


Popular Products

Company Profile

Hytrend is a top compostable bag manufacturer and supplier from Canada. They have been supplying European customers with the highest quality compostable bags and other products.

As an expert in the field of compostable bags, the compostable bags produced by Hytrend are very popular in Canada. They are 100% compostable, tear-proof and leak-proof. These are the characteristics of their products. If you need to shop for compostable bags in Canada, they are your best choice.


3. Ams Global Suppliers Group

Ams Global Suppliers Group


Popular Products

  • Compostable Bags
  • Compostable Sugarcane Containers
  • Compostable Daily Essentials

Company Profile

AMS • COMPOSTABLE is the world's leading manufacturer of compostable bags and supplies: their cutting-edge green technology is a real solution to the global plastic pollution crisis. They work with countries, United Nations agencies, civil society groups and the private sector.

As a premier manufacturer of compostable bags and supplies, AMS offers you the opportunity to customize our plant-based bags to satisfy both your needs and those of your customers. This service is the perfect solution for any client that wants to have its own design, colors, and brand. All this is possible with their printing and embossing services. MOQ 1M bags.


4. Rovi Packaging, SA


Popular Products: Compostable Bags

Company Profile

Rovi Packaging is a manufacturer and supplier of compostable packaging bags from Spain. The compostable bags they offer are made from 100% plant-based plastic and are compostable, biodegradable, and recyclable.

As a top manufacturer of compostable bags, Rovi Packaging's compostable bags are suitable for both big brands and small businesses looking to differentiate themselves through product packaging, providing a more environmentally friendly solution.


5. Natur-Tec®


Popular Products: Compostable Lining

Company Profile

Natur-Tec® is a U.S.-based manufacturer and supplier of compostable bags. From the day the company was founded, Natur-Tec® has only produced certified compostable products and bags.

As a professional compostable bag manufacturer and exporter, their dedicated team of experts are here to support you on your journey and help ensure your success. They can assist with planning and development, signage and marketing, custom products, and more!


6. Packin Club

Packin Club


Popular Products

  • Compostable Carry Bag
  • Compostable D-Cut Shopping Bag
  • Compostable Grocery Bag
  • Compostable Garbage Bag
  • Compostable Bread Packaging
  • Compostable Medical Waste Bag
  • Compostable Milk pouches

Company Profile

Packin Club is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of compostable bags. They have a one-stop solution for all your compostable packaging needs. Their wide range of products includes Compostable Mailing Bags, Courier Bags, Grocery Bags, Tote Bags, Shopping Bags, D-cut Bags, Shrink Film, Stretch Film, Milk Bags, Prasad Bags, Compostable Film Rolls, Garments Bags and bread packaging.

As a leading compostable bags manufacturer and supplier, they understand the importance of sustainable practices in today's world. Their mission is to provide businesses with high-quality, compostable packaging solutions that not only meet their needs but also contribute to a healthier planet.


7. Easy-Flux



Popular Products

  • Compostable Carry Bags
  • Compostable Garbage Bags
  • Compostable Grocery Bags

Company Profile

Easy-Flux is a well-known manufacturer of compostable bags in India. They provide high-quality compostable bags and packaging solutions to their customers.

Being the best compostable bags manufacturer in India, their compostable bags are all made from corn starch and are certified compostable and biodegradable and have been proven to be the best alternative to regular plastic even after 300 years will be exhausted. Easy Fluxpolymers Pvt Ltd is certified by the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) of India and manufactures as per IS/ISO 17088.


8. Grefusion



Popular Products

  • Compostable Trash Bags
  • Compostable Dog Poop Bags
  • Compostable Shopping Bags

Company Profile

Grefusion is a manufacturer and supplier of compostable and biodegradable products. They have 11 years of manufacturing and exporting experience in 100% biodegradable and compostable bags and resins. Equipped with their own R&D center to make their products proactive and competitive.

As an excellent manufacturer of compostable bags, they are developing a range of environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional plastics. Unlike regular plastic, their Grefusion brand products are made from resins derived from plant starches, vegetable oils and compostable polymers that can be consumed by microorganisms in the soil.


9. Leadpacks Environmental Protection Packing Co., Ltd.


Popular Products: Compostable Shopping Bags

Year Founded: 2009

Company Profile

Leadpacks (Xiamen) Environmental Protection Packing Co., Ltd. was established in 2009 and is dedicated to compostable packaging. The research on biodegradable bags began in 2014, and the production of biodegradable compostable bags officially started in 2016. They have also obtained DIN EN13432 certification, ISO certification, FDA test report, SGS, patent and a series of related certifications.

As one of the top compostable bag manufacturers and suppliers in China, their factory covers an area of more than 6,000 square meters and has more than 50 automated machines, including film blowing machines, 11-color high-speed printing machines, bag making machines, etc. Fully realize automated production. This not only reduces manufacturing costs and prices, but also effectively improves production efficiency and product quality. Let their customers get the best price and the best quality and the best service.

In order to meet the different needs of different customers, they have a professional design team, first-class production lines, and 24-hour online service. One-stop packaging service to meet any of your packaging needs.


10. BioBag International AS

BioBag International AS


Popular Products: Compostable Bags

Year Founded: 1959

Company Profile

Founded in 1959, BioBag International AS (BioBag hereafter) is a compostable bag manufacturer headquartered in Askim, Norway. They are committed to developing compostable bags that are more environmentally friendly and analyze faster.

BioBag primarily supplies their compostable products to the agricultural, industrial and retail sectors. As a globally recognized brand of compostable bags, they have subsidiaries in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Ireland, Estonia, Finland and the United States, as well as partners representing BioBag International in many countries. You can find their products for sale in your country!



Important Tips for Choosing the Right Compostable Bag Manufacturer

For any dealer looking to purchase compostable trash bags in bulk, it is recommended to choose the manufacturer with the most competitive prices. Hytrend is an excellent choice for those who are in the wholesale business. It has been the preferred supplier for European and American customers for the past 10 years.

Hytrend is able to meet such requirements, and when you consider choosing a compostable paper bag, plastic bag, or garbage bag manufacturer, Hytrend will be a good choice. 5 more reasons why Hytrend is a good choice:

– Over 10 years of experience in compostable bag makers

– Hytrend is Canada’s #1 Compostable Bag Manufacturer

– Design compostable bags of different specifications for customers through customized services

– Has a full range of compostable packaging products, such as compostable garbage bags, compostable paper bags, compostable poop bags, compostable shopping bags, etc.

– ISO 9000 QC standards will be applied to every order



There are tens of thousands of compostable bag manufacturers around the world. However, becoming profitable means finding the right product for your business.

Hytrend has strict quality assurance and certified production processes. Additionally, our customers have full control over the customization of the final product. We also offer short delivery times, dedicated customer support, and high-quality finishes.

Contact Hytrend today to get a free quote on your packaging order or request a sample!

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