Biodegradable Garbage Bags – 5 Benefits You Shouldn’t Miss

When you want to throw out kitchen scraps after cooking a hearty meal for your family, you may just head for the garbage can and use a plastic bag liner. This takes care of the problem of trash lying around and smelling unpleasant, but it comes with a long list of negative results. Anyone who pays attention to environmental news knows that plastic is a huge problem all around the world. Instead of wrapping organic garbage in plastic, use biodegradable garbage bags for a much greener lifestyle.1 – Totally BiodegradableThe best biodegradable bags in Canada break down completely when disposed of properly with only organic waste inside. This does not mean you can only throw out organic vegetable scraps. Instead, it means waste items that include vegetable and fruit scraps, egg shells, plant clippings, and anything else that could naturally degrade on its own in the soil. When these are processed in the waste facilities, any inclusion of plastic or other non-compostable materials can ruin the entire process. This makes it necessary to choose the right types of bags from the start.2 – Suits Green Bin Garbage CansRegions that offer green bin garbage cans have an eye on eco-friendly living from the start. You can throw scraps directly into the bin with yard waste and other natural things, but very few garbage bags qualify for inclusion. When you choose Hytrend products, you know you can easily toss the whole thing when the bag is full. This makes organic waste disposal so much more convenient. Also, it keeps a lot of the mess and smells controlled both in your home and outside where you keep the garbage bins.3 – Stands Up to Wet Kitchen Scrap WastePlain paper bags cannot handle apple cores, potato peels, banana skins, and other wet kitchen scraps that exude more moisture as they begin to break down. You can find lined biodegradable garbage bags that are still eco-friendly. The last thing you want is a liner made of plastic. Hytrend brand uses polylactic acid or PLA, which is a natural material created cleverly from plant sugars. It holds up to moisture when you keep the bags in your kitchen but breaks down easily after you are done using them.4 – Closes Easily to Keep Smells InsideAs things biodegrade, they release sometimes unpleasant smells. The last thing you want in your kitchen is the smell of rotting scraps. When you choose compostable garbage bags, look for ones with a convenient fold-over top that keeps these smells inside. Of course, you can fold any material that bags are usually made out of, but when you pick a design made it to seal more easily, it becomes much more convenient to use.5 – Verified Eco-Friendly by Major Organizations You cannot believe the claims about environmental consciousness without some certification from trusted organizations who oversee different types of products. Look for bags that are deemed worthy by the Biodegradable Products Institute, OK Compost, the Bureau Veritas, and the BNQ in Québec. Hytrend bags carry all these certifications so you know you are getting an excellent product.The best biodegradable bags Canada has to offer give you and your family a new way of showing your love for the Earth. With all the plastic and pollutants messing up the environment today, it makes a lot of sense to opt for more natural alternatives. These compostable garbage bags breakdown naturally over time and will not introduce dangerous chemicals or micro plastics into the environment. Best of all, they are designed for maximum convenience and ease of use in your kitchen and home. Why not choose a green alternative if no negatives exist? Find more information on

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