Eco-friendly Packaging Changes Your Life for the Better

The world is full of different materials that affect the environment in a wide variety of ways. Unfortunately, many of them have negative effects on the world that you live in. One of the biggest problems associated with individual use these days are plastic bags used for disposing of garbage and package and other products for sale or storage. Now, scientists and savvy companies are working hard to develop compostable packaging that offers new opportunities for everyone to be kind to the earth.

Compostable packaging in Canada has become quite popular, but there are still so many people who have not made the switch. If you are one of them, this article should convince you of the amazing benefits you can find in eco-friendly packaging and bags.

Compostable Packaging Explained

What does it mean for a bag to be compostable? You may see this word interchanged with biodegradable, and they mean basically the same thing. To put it simply, these terms mean that a material or object will break down naturally in the environment over time and not leave behind any dangerous materials.

For example, plastic is one of the least compostable materials. It takes centuries or even longer for it to break down, but the resultant tiny pieces are still plastic and non-organic. A banana peel is highly compostable because it rots and disappears into the soil while adding nutrients. Compostable packaging breaks down in a similar way without the negative traits you get from actual food waste.

Top 5 Characteristics of Quality Eco-friendly Packaging

When you want to adopt a greener lifestyle, switching to compostable or eco-friendly packaging makes a huge difference. As the alternative is usually plastic, you are doing a great service to the planet to get rid of that huge problem. Look for these characteristics when searching for the best options.

1 – Biodegradability – The materials used to create the packaging must biodegrade completely into natural components. This means you could throw a tag of kitchen scraps onto a compost pile in your backyard, and it would break down to rich nutrients for your soil in a reasonable amount of time.

2 – Recyclable Materials – Choose the best packaging in Canada because it was made from recycled or recyclable materials to begin with. Renewable resources and sustainable products are a great way to help maintain the health of our planet. Look for bags and other packaging that is made from post-consumer waste or industrial waste that is usually thrown out after producing something else.

3 – Easy and Convenient Use – You cannot sacrifice usability for environmental benefits. After all, anything that fails to perform properly will end up as garbage itself. Choose compostable packaging and biodegradable bags that are sturdy enough to hold whatever is necessary.

4 – Limited Packaging – It would not make any sense to buy a type of practicing specifically made for its eco-friendliness and find out that it is wrapped in plastic or other materials that are bad for the earth. This is part of being an intelligent consumer. Always opt for companies that use Limited packaging or none at all for their products. This demonstrates their attention to quality details.

5 – Affordability – No matter what type of compostable packaging or bags you need, you do not want to spend a huge amount of money on them. While some greener products, at a premium price, look for those that believe affordability is essential for use. After all, if the product costs less, more people will buy it and therefore the cumulative benefit to the environment will increase.

Eco-friendly packaging in Canada may take many forms. However, a good place to start with your greener lifestyle is with compostable bags designed specifically for kitchen waste and other organic scraps. This is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to make a change that truly makes a difference.

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