How to Choose to Buy Compostable Paper Bags

In today’s increasingly environmentally conscious society, there is an emphasis on using sustainable materials and alternatives to reduce environmental impact. One notable example is the use of compostable paper bags, and this article will tell consumers how to choose compostable paper bags.

Table of Contents

  1. Definition of compostable paper bags
  2. Benefits of Compostable Paper Bags
  3. Check the material of compostable paper bags
  4. Look for certifications and standards
  5. Consider the durability and strength of compostable paper bags
  6. Make your informed decision

Definition of Compostable Paper Bags

Compostable paper bags are bags made from materials that can be broken down by natural processes into nutrient-rich compounds, which can then be used as fertilizer for plants. These bags are typically made from materials such as paper or cardboard that are free from synthetic materials, like plastic, that do not biodegrade easily.

Benefits of Compostable Paper Bags

Benefits of Hytrend Compostable Paper Bags

  • Strong materials and unique construction mean up to a week of use without collapsing or leaking.
  • The reinforced bag bottom allows for a higher weight than other compostable bags on the market.
  • The liner of each compost bag is securely fastened to prevent shedding or wrinkling.
  • Maximum odor control comes from the unique material and fold-over top edge design.

Check the Material of Compostable Paper Bags

The material composition of compostable paper bags usually consists of pulp, starch and other natural fibrous materials, which can quickly decompose and become fertilizer in the natural environment. Usually these bags do not contain plastic or other synthetic materials, so they do not create pollution or residue during composting.

Look for Certifications and Standards

Compared with other brands, Hytrend’s products have high quality, competitive price and more enhanced functional features. Hytrend has also filed a patent (#3183928) for the paper bag appearance, design and method of manufacture. Hytrend is confident their products will be your best choice.
Certification (raw material and finished product):
– Bureau Veritas – FSC 100%, FSC Mix and FSC Recycled certified.
DIN – DIN EN 13432:2000-12; ASTM D 6500:2012-01
– Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) #10529080 – Standard ASTM D6400, Licensing and Certification Program for Compostable Products.
OK compost – industrial compostable products, home compostable products.
BNQ: Certified BNQ formulation 3810BNQ210218

Consider the Durability and Strength of Compostable Paper Bags

Make Your Informed Decision

If you’re looking for the best compostable paper bags, hytrend is Canada’s top compostable bag company. Hytrend has been supplying the best quality and most reasonably priced compostable bags throughout Europe. They have a modern factory dedicated to production. If you need, please contact us as soon as possible.

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